About Bibliagora

Thank you for visiting Bibliagora, the world's Greek language specialist. We specialise in Greek language books, music, films and Greek educational toys for all ages.

Here, at Bibliagora, we are proud to support Greek speaking communities around the world by making all these special Greek books, publications and cultural products easily accessible and available with just a few clicks.

We promote Greek letters and arts and provide this service because we want every single person who speaks or learns Greek to be able to feel certain things in our language. We want our children to be able to listen to Hadjidakis' music and feel they are part of his world. We want them to be able to read Homer's Iliad and Odyssey and feel and understand the cultural connection we share with our ancestors. Whether we like it or not there are certain things in our life that cannot be expressed in any other way...

Our Greek Language, Culture and Heritage has always been very important and we appreciate the difficulties lying ahead: the way we live our life, "globalisation", our everyday routine with its anglosaxonic conveniences and hectic pace of life. However, we have chosen to give it a go anyway and try our best. This is our challenge.

We have been here -enabling people all over the world to come closer to the Greek language, culture and spirit- since 2004 and we continue today with the same dynamism and enthusiasm.

Hopefully you'll find this service useful, in which case please let your colleagues, friends and family know, too. Then again, if you feel we should improve on certain areas or you have certain ideas you'd like us to develop within this context, please let us know.

Thank you for your continuous support all these years!

Bibliagora Team